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Mathilde’s poem

Par maudouy - publié le lundi 9 octobre 2017 à 02:22


Who is very nice and  a real pain in the neck

Who wants to become a Spanish teacher at university

Who dreams of going to New-York

Who believes one day she ’ll be a millionaire

Who loves sleeping very much and being with her family

Who fears to be tickled

Who is afraid of spirits

Who wishes to be successful in life

Who wonders why poverty exists


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Who is friendly and funny.

Who wants to become a teacher.

Who dreams of having a lot of money.

Who believes one day she will be a millionaire.

Who loves her family and her friends.

Who fears dogs and snakes.

Who is afraid of mice.

Who plans to do nothing .

Who wonders why  there is not peace in the world.

Moy’s poem

Par mzambon - publié le lundi 9 octobre 2017 à 02:16

Who is kind and helpful

                             Who wants to go all around the world                                                      Who dreams of animals

Who believes there won’t be cancer any more

 Who loves her family

Who fears cancer, illness and death

Who is afraid of snakes

Who wishes her family to be nice to others

Who plants to train horses

Who wonders why there is cancer 

Who am I ? portrait by Jauris

Par jery - publié le mardi 3 octobre 2017 à 03:59


Who is extremely generous and a  little dreamy.

Who wants to become a veterinarian

Who dreams of playing horror video games.

Who believes in luck.

Who loves my families and my friends.

Who fears t he girls.

Who is afraid of very hairy spiders

Who wishes to have a family.

Who plans to get married.

Who wonders why we are sometimes afraid.


Par boss - publié le samedi 30 septembre 2017 à 09:12
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